I believe that Jordan White has one of the truest moral compasses that I have ever encountered. He has made
a life and a career out of helping communities, people, and myself without ever asking for anything in return.
I am honored to support him in his campaigning for the Sheriff of Flathead County and even more proud to call him my friend.
It is without reservation that I endorse Jordan White for Sheriff of Flathead County. I will be talking to as many people in our community to do the same. It is hard for one person to make a change, but it is easy when a community stands behind one person.

Erik Anderson
   CEO of Viking Masonry, LLC.

Jordan White is the most admirable man that I know. I have known Jordan for about 13 years. My experience of him is a compassionate man that truly cares about every individual he encounters. Looking at all the people who consider Jordan a friend, it is clear that he consistently treats everyone he meets with respect and dignity. Jordan is honest and true to his word.
As Sheriff, Jordan's experience in Law Enforcement, and his extensive experience in understanding people will serve everyone in the county.
By the time that he was 35, Jordan's inspiration had already created the Flathead County Sheriff's Dive Team, a thriving Search and Rescue organization, and a world-renowned helicopter search, rescue, and law enforcement support team. He truly has a heart for serving his community.
I would trust Jordan with anything important in my life and know it would be in good hands.
Wendy Stefaniak  
Search and Rescue Specialist / Rescue Diver 

have known and worked closely with Mr. White for over 6-years and have found him to be an exceptional individual, both personally and in business.
Though the Sheriff is often considered a “law enforcement” position, Mr. White emphasizes the greater priority of peace and safety within the community. By embracing personal responsibility as the foundation for social accountability and security, individuals can have a profound impact on community safety while pursuing their dreams. I believe Mr. White will support people making bold confident choices in their lives and will take decisive action as the sheriff to maintain community stability and equilibrium.
Al V. Corbi
   President & Founder of SAFE
(Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments)

Jordan White is one of the most unique people I have ever met. I have known Jordan since July 2006. Together we have covered a lot of ground, both professionally and personally. During those years he has been my supervisor, boss, co-worker, advisor and most of all a friend. Jordan brings so many positives to the table. As I worked with and observed him, both from a distance and by his side, I saw that he brings out the best in people, he makes people believe in themselves to make a team more cohesive, he does not fear change, he tackles challenges head-on and never acts without thinking things through if there is time to do so. If time does not exist every decision he has made seemed to be the right one.
His skills as a leader surpass anyone that I have ever met. His drive to be the best and his continuous smile is infectious to those around him. These are skills that cannot be learned. It is firmly embedded in your genes. He strives daily to make the world a better place to be without regard to himself. I myself, as well as many other professionals, would follow him into battle without question. His deep-rooted belief to serve and protect is what the sheriff’s office stands for. Jordan is exactly what Flathead County needs.
BJ- Brian Johnson
Owner of Sea Me Paddle,
Search and Rescue Specialist/ Rescue Diver
 Jordan White would make a great Sheriff! I wholeheartedly endorse you for the office. If I can help your campaign let me know my friend!
Benny Bee Sr.
Bee Broadcasting 
Anyone in the Flathead Valley, please consider voting for Jordan. He is a compassionate, considerate, skilled and effective leader. He takes pride in learning from and mentoring others… His wife, Natalie, is also an amazing person! She is an advocate for survivors at the Abbie Shelter and Violence Free Crisis Line.
Cheyanne Gress
Abbie Shelter
I am honored to have the opportunity to endorse a really good man for Flathead County Sheriff. As you get to know this man throughout the campaign you will realize he is salt of the earth, genuine real deal. His upbringing and past experience in my mind gives him the qualifications to be a top Sheriff in our state. His mentors and friends, Jim DuPont and Chuck Curry are a treasure he values. Lastly, his intelligence and work ethic is exactly what Flathead County needs in its next Sheriff. Please vote for Jordon Jordan White, and tell your friends...Sincerely, Gary Hall
Gary Hall
Former Flathead County Commissioner
I've been waiting for this announcement. You're the most qualified candidate for the job and my hope is that the populous of Flathead County feels the same. Good luck sir, I for one am rooting for you!
John Thomson
Jordan has consistently displayed a penchant for what is lawful and right. He has continually exhibited a willingness to help others gain understanding of the foundations of civic responsibility and duty. He maintains an affable and approachable personality that would promote healthy interactions with not only other department members but with the community and press as well.
  So, it is without reservation that as a member of the community and a local business owner, I wholeheartedly give this recommendation and my endorsement.          
Lance W. Zander
Owner of Amity Enterprises
Jordan was our neighbor and such a great [deputy] sheriff. He is an honorable and fair guy who has done so much for the community as a volunteer. He was made for this position and even if you do not live in Montana you can say prayers for this great person to win the election. We need more good Head of the sheriff departments.
Dottie Maitland  

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