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  1. Undersheriff
    This position was my “on-the-job training” for sheriff with close mentorship and total exposure to the intricate details of the entire sheriff’s office. Critical decisions were required almost daily to support the sheriff, provide for day-to-day operations of the facility and staff, and serve the public into the future.
  2. Search & Rescue
    My appointment as the Search and Rescue coordinator blended highly gratifying experience in leadership and administration. Being a rescue specialist in the mountains, swift water, and underneath a helicopter helped me become my best self.
  3. SWAT
    Discipline, initiative, and respect come to mind as I recall my experience on the sheriff’s office SWAT team. This is a small unit with a sacrificial level of commitment, tremendous skill, and an unpredictable mission. Serving as part of this unit reminded me how critical teamwork was even after days of physical exhaustion with little nourishment or rest.
  4. Dive Rescue
    Dive after dive, I witnessed men and women sacrifice their comfort and risk their lives for the sake of the community, mission, and one another. Forming this team and being a member remind me how willing citizens are to contribute when they are simply asked and empowered.
  5. EMT
    I crawled inside a crushed car with a dying woman for the first time when I was barely an adult. We shared that time together as the firemen cut the car from around her and she took her last breath. Emergency medicine is a miracle I have experienced for over 20 years and it continues to fuel my ambitions and accomplishments.
  6. Firefighter
    My family lost our home to a structure fire, when I was a young boy. I was proud to begin my public safety career as a firefighter when I was 18. Fire departments are well established in every community, regularly support the sheriff’s office, and are critical resources during natural disasters and urban search and rescue.
  1. Deputy Coroner
    I am as likely as any other to consider how my life will impact the world. Being a deputy coroner expanded my appreciation for the impact death has on us individually and as a community. Death is not a problem to be fixed, but rather one to be embraced with compassion and empathy. Serving families in their loss has been as rewarding, as it is painful.
  2. Domestic Terorrism
    Our world has changed significantly during my career. I obtained my first certification in law enforcement response to domestic terrorism in 1999. Since that time I have continued to learn and grow in my awareness regarding threats our country and community could face. While I hope and pray we never experience direct threat to our community, it would be silly for the sheriff not to be prepared and experienced.
  3. Pilot
    I never learned to fly for the sake of flying. I saw air travel as a means to shave hours and minutes off the day in a world where seconds count. This was a huge commitment and I am still an active aviator today. I own my own airplane and plan to utilize it to expand the reach and impact of my influence as sheriff to surrounding jurisdictions just as I did when I was the SAR coordinator and undersheriff.
  4. Business Owner
    Being the sheriff takes a lot more than being a great cop. My experience in business from a young age has had a significant impact on my law enforcement career. My appointments to search and rescue and undersheriff came with fiduciary responsibility. I used my experience to establish capital improvement plans, pursue alternative funding sources, and responsibly manage the communities money.
  5. SRO
    The safety of our children is a paramount concern. Parents understandably put their worlds on hold to ensure the safety of their children at any cost. I created a school resource program in West Yellowstone in 2001 and plan to reestablish a program in Flathead County. An SRO provides an interface between the needs and concerns of children and schools so law enforcement can most effectively serve their unique circumstances.
  6. Deputy Sheriff
    It has been such an honor to serve under inspiring sheriffs with vision and courage. I have taken great pride in being the horsepower that leads the sheriff’s office forward day in and day out no matter what arises. I know how important deputies are to the safety and security of the public every hour of every day and would be fortunate to lead them as their sheriff.