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Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is your platform for running for sheriff?
    I am running on the vision of connection. Using my skills and experience to bring together the people, organizations, and agencies that are working hard to make this county safer and healthier. I believe my decisiveness and compassion will make this possible while still being attentive to the real life fact that each and every day, a person or family is having the worst day of their lives and needs an empathetic leader to comfort and support them.
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    What are your plans for expanding the jail?
    The jail expansion has been a topic of planning and anticipation since I started at the sheriff’s office. I have been included in the process in one capacity or another ever since. Sheriff Curry has worked diligently during his two terms to increase capacity in adult detention by over seventy percent and the county commissioners are poised to take action on either a new jail or greater expansion. Consultants and community leaders are reviewing data and options as you read this. I am highly sensitive to the location and timeliness of this process and will include input from citizens and community leaders in the rollout of our new detention center.
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    What staffing increases do you anticipate for the sheriff’s office?
    The sheriff’s office staffing in sworn, detention, and support positions has grown steadily since I joined. This growth is always behind that of the community itself but also ensures responsible expansion throughout the county. We must continue to anticipate growth and have a business plan prepared to accommodate it. I would pursue two sworn deputy positions immediately. One of these positions would balance each patrol shift at seven deputies and the other would create a position for a full-time school resource officer. The SRO would be assigned to Bigfork High School (the only high school outside an incorporated city), but would be the primary liaison between the detective division and any school in the county.
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    What would you do improve radio communications for public safety?
    Many changes and additions have been made to our radio network over the years, yet its performance has decreased. Studies are being conducted and solutions actively researched. Some recent feedback indicates that changing frequency ranges could be more effective than adding more repeaters. This is great news since the cost and logistics of building and maintaining more remote repeater sites is highly prohibitive. All I know is we will not stop pursuing a solution until one is reached
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