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Hello! My name is Jordan White 
I am greatly honored to be your 2018 candidate for sheriff. My career with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office began as a volunteer on my twenty-first birthday in 1999. Having already had over two years experience in emergency medicine and fire services, I knew that serving people as a law enforcement officer would be my greatest passion.

I rose through the ranks of the sheriff’s office to become a supervisor and was later appointed to be the search and rescue coordinator. I performed numerous collateral duties in addition to my regular assignments including being a field training officer, firearms instructor, rescue diver, SWAT member, and deputy coroner.  Each of these duties and responsibilities molded my future and provided new opportunities for me to learn about our office and community.  

My experience as the undersheriff of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office has been the culmination of my “on-the-job” training for the technical duties of being your elected sheriff. Without this opportunity, I simply would not know what I did not know. In that position I had the opportunity to experience the inner workings of ALL the divisions within the sheriff’s office, including budgeting, hiring, managing, leading, and planning to negotiate mutual aid agreements, handling citizen concerns, and sharing critical information with the public. I learned just how important each and every lesson in communication, relationship building, and anticipation had been.

Vision Statement

Connecting the needs of the people
with the heart of the community
What a Sheriff does

Preserve the Peace

Enforce State
Laws & County ordinances

Search & Rescue

County Coronor

Animal Control

Detention Center


Office of Emergency Services

Civil Process Service

Execute Court Orders

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