Jordan White

P.O. Box 2694
Kalispell, MT 59903
Phone 406-249-2735

I have had incredible opportunities to develop unique skills and interests through my combined years of public service, law enforcement, and private enterprise. This journey of self-discovery has inspired me while also narrowing my personal and professional aspirations to serve people professionally and compassionately as the sheriff of Flathead County.

2014 – Present      Live Safer, Inc.                        Somers, MT            
  • Security consulting company specializing in physical and structural security development and implementation.
  • Licensed independent contractor for general and security related construction and renovations.
  • Establish, maintain, and manage wholesale and distributor accounts.  
  • Develop and pursue leads and relationships with individuals and businesses in person, over the phone, and in written correspondence.

2013 – 2017      Glacier Aero Professionals        Whitefish, MT
       Owner, Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, and Director of Maintenance
  • Single pilot Part 135 and Part 133 certificate holder.
  • Responsible for business management, aircraft operations, and legal compliance.
  • Vertical reference/external load flights of construction equipment, recreational vehicles, and firefighting.
  • Scenic tour, Public Use, Part 91, and maintenance flights.
  • Operated, managed, and maintained Bell 206B3 and MD 500E helicopters. 

2012 - 2017       Two Bear Management            Whitefish, MT
  • Built teams and oversaw businesses, estates, construction projects, philanthropy, and community projects.
  • Participated in large-scale projects from conceptualization to completion sometimes lasting months or years.
  • Oversaw the management team of department managers and supervisors at a four floor nightclub, bar, and restaurant in Whitefish, MT.
  • Supported the operation of a horse facility, hay farm, and commercial organic vegetable garden.

       Executive Director
  • Co-founded the Two Bear Air Rescue helicopter rescue program (first of its kind public/private philanthropic partnership).
  • Commercial helicopter pilot, rescue specialist, systems operator, and tactical flight officer, and rescue swimmer.
  • Coordinated training, communication, and operations with the flight crew, pilots, and public safety agencies customers across Montana and Idaho.

2002 – Present        Flathead County Sheriff’s Office  Kalispell, MT
       Special Deputy
       2012- Present
  • Contributed to the development of the structure and operational guidelines for the Two Bear Air Helicopter Rescue program.
  • Responded to emergency calls for service as a pilot and rescue specialist under the authority of the sheriff’s office.
  • Participated in training for deputies, search and rescue, and emergency responders from Flathead County as well as all over Montana and Idaho.
  • Active member of the sheriff’s office dive rescue team.

  • Administrator of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office appointed by Sheriff Chuck Curry.
  • Led, managed, and supervised the divisions of the sheriff’s office including investigations, patrol, narcotics, detention, civil, and support staff.
  • Prepared, presented, and administered the budget for the sheriff’s office.
  • Managed, supported, and coordinated large-scale emergency and non-emergency incidents including tactical situations, evacuations, and disasters.
  • Prepared and updated emergency action plans.
  • Served as the public information officer as needed by participating in interviews with local, state, and national news outlets.

       Deputy Sheriff
  • Sworn to serve the citizens within Flathead County by preserving the peace and protecting life and property.
  • Initiated and controlled law enforcement activities as a deputy, supervisor, and tactical operator.
  • Apprehend and detain offenders or suspected offenders based on supportive physical or documented evidence.  
  • First line supervisor – led and coordinated activities of subordinates and officers from other agencies while planning and participating in local and multi-jurisdictional investigations.
  • Interviewed suspects and witnesses regarding investigations and gathered information that may have led to additional arrests or investigations.Collected, processed, and secured evidence.
  • Wrote detailed and concise narrative reports related to arrests and criminal activity; and documented physical injuries, property damage, and visible evidence with sketches or photographs.
  • Wrote and executed search warrants.
  • Completed investigations initiated as the first responding deputy or participated in large-scale investigations involving other deputies, divisions, and/or jurisdictions.
  • Testified under oath in legal proceedings.
  • Learned and maintained proficiency with law enforcement related instruments and equipment including patrol vehicles at high speeds and in inclement weather, Doppler radar, still and video cameras, mobile data transmitters, breath alcohol sensors, and various firearms.
  • Performed specialized tasks and duties as requested – additional information on specific duties will follow.

       Deputy Coroner (Appointed Position)
       2009 – 2012
  • Responded to death scenes to determine manner and cause of death.
  • Used medical training and experience to find clues, gather relevant information, assist in autopsies, and reach defendable conclusions. 
  • Worked closely with healthcare providers, family members, and coworkers to assess past health and investigate signs and symptoms.
  • Compassionately deliver death notifications and support survivors in the grieving process.

        Search and Rescue Coordinator (Appointed Position)
        2006 – 2009
  • Oversaw and coordinated all search and rescue operations in Flathead County, Montana.
  • Developed relationships with surrounding jurisdictions and agencies to assist and be assisted in large, multi-agency operations. These include the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Customs and Border Protection, MT Fish Wildlife and parks, and surrounding counties.
  • Led and coordinated approximately one hundred and fifty volunteers and their selected team leaders.
  • Interviewed victims and witnesses to gather information for mission planning and deployment of resources.
  • Conducted missing person investigations by interviewing family members, friends, and coworkers. Developed leads and followed-up on leads from other investigations. Processed crime scenes for trace evidence.
  • Conducted and coordinated air search and patrol activities to intercept people, vehicles, or watercraft through sign cutting or direct observations.
  • Experienced with outdoor recreational activities including snowmobiling, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing, all terrain vehicles, boating, horseback riding, mountain climbing, hiking, and scuba diving.
  • Performed routine marine and snowmobile patrols.
  • Utilized side scanning sonar, night vision, and FLIR thermal cameras.
  • Completed supervisory investigations and reports on employee related incidents.
  • Assessed behavioral patterns and activities of individuals based on social status, age, and activity being engaged in.
  • Developed and initiated action plan based on findings coupled with all other available information.
  • Worked closely with other department heads in an incident command structure during complicated incidents.
  • Wrote and/or interpreted standard operating guidelines, operational pre-plans, mission plans, and special orders.
  • Prepared, presented, and managed annual budgets.
  • Researched, wrote, and presented grants to fund specialty equipment (including the patrol boat stationed on Flathead Lake)
  • Developed training goals and arrange training to meet them.
  • Trained and experienced with land and water search management, back country survival and navigation, high and low angle rescue, and providing emergency medical treatment.  
  • Explained circumstances, findings, or situational updates to coworkers, department heads, or even the public in a nationwide press conference if appropriate.
  • Established and monitored cooperative agreements between other law enforcement entities or private entities.

       Public Safety Diver (Collateral Duty)
       2004 – Present
  • Recognized the need for a highly trained and committed team of rescue/recovery divers for general and technical water rescue.
  • Established written policy and standard operating guidelines for the dive team.
  • Recruited volunteer divers with previous experience and transferable skills.
  • Organized, supervised, and participated in the following types of missions: swift water rescue; drowning (body recoveries); hazardous material clean-up operations; recovery of sunken cars, boats, and ATV’s; and underwater crime scene investigations.
  • Wrote grants to purchase specialized detection and underwater communication equipment.
  • Used technical sensor equipment including side scanning sonar, underwater remote operated vehicle, metal detectors, and cameras.
  • Negotiated agreements with surrounding jurisdictions to provide mutual aid response and training for their personnel.

        Special Weapons and Tactics Team (Collateral Duty)
        2003 – 2011
  • Evaluated investigations and incidents to determine when major intervention should be initiated.
  • Marksman/observer with basic and advanced level training.
  • Trained and experienced with explosives, chemical agents, and less lethal weapon systems.
  • Studied blueprints and structural design to locate places of concealment and positions of tactical advantage.
  • Conducted investigations related to tactical operations.
  • Operated technical sensor equipment including thermal imagery, night vision scopes and goggles, laser range finders, and portable weather instruments.
  • Performed under adverse and stressful conditions for extended periods of time with little food, rest, or preparation.
  • Developed and maintained a cohesive team unity under a rigid command structure.
  • Maintained proficiency and qualifications with an assortment of weapons including a machine gun, precision rifles, 40 mm gas launcher, shotguns, and handguns.
  • Trained in helicopter deployment and extraction.
  • Man-tracker/sign cutter.

       Training Officer (Collateral Duty)
        2006 – 2009
  • Established training goals for sworn deputies.
  • Interpreted written policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Budgeted funds annually for training and travel expenses. Managed funds throughout the year.
  • Researched qualified instructors and host regional training seminars.
  • Maintained training records.
  • Firearms instructor tasked with providing individual instruction, monitoring qualifications, and firearms maintenance.

Miscellaneous Duties
  • Field Training Officer
  • Neighborhood Watch Coordinator / Representative
  • Crime Stoppers Representative

2001-2002     West Yellowstone Police    W. Yellowstone, MT
        Police Officer
  • Sworn to serve the citizens in the town of West Yellowstone by preserving the peace and protecting life and property.
  • Lead crash investigator – required to review all crash reports prior to submission and called in to investigate complicated crash scenes.
  • Enforced federal statutes and assisted with federal investigations as a commissioned National Park Ranger.
  • Assisted Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in several immigration cases. 
  • Initiated a school resource officer program and wrote the applicable policies, procedures, and operational guidelines.
  • Performed snowmobile and bicycle patrol.
  • Took initial crime reports and followed up on all leads until case was closed or inactive.
  • Performed all typical duties including routine patrol, crime scene investigation, interviewing, report writing, photography, evidence collection, search warrant application and service, and courtroom testimony.

2000-2001     Montana Highway Patrol     W. Yellowstone, MT
  • Sworn to serve the citizens of the state of Montana by enforcing the state motor vehicle statutes and investigating traffic crashes.
  • Received the academic achievement award in the basic academy.
  • Assigned to a one-officer station with little oversight or supervision – available for call-out at any time.
  • Shared information with coroners, insurance companies, and news media as needed and/or appropriate.
  • Worked closely with other local, state, and federal law enforcement officers.
  • Received specialized training in drug interdiction and motorcycle gangs.

1999-2000     Flathead County Sheriff’s Office    Kalispell, MT
        Reserve Deputy
  • Joined the sheriff’s office as a volunteer reserve deputy on my twenty-first birthday.
  • Learned the critical elements of law enforcement by completing a field- training program under the supervision of sworn deputies.
  • Worked routine patrol under the supervision of patrol sergeant.
  • Assigned to special event coverage.
  • Developed the passion for helping people and the community through a career in law enforcement.

1997-1999           Far West Excursions                  Somers, MT
        Cruise Boat Captain
  • Hired as the assistant captain on the 200 passenger 72 ton Far West cruise boat on Flathead Lake.
  • Promoted to captain in my first summer.
  • Scheduled, planned, and piloted excursions for private parties, weddings, and tourist events.
  • Hired and supervised up to five employees and coordinated entertainment, food caterers, and wedding planners.
  • Developed an appreciation for working with people and learned the value of clear communication skills.
  • Maintained the boat and managed the business and advertising.
1998-1999      Polson Ambulance                           Polson, MT
        Emergency Medical Technician
  • Worked 12-hour shifts with a partner on a full-time paid ambulance service during my off-season from the Far West
  • Responded to emergency calls for service in the greater Polson area or performed patient transfers between hospitals around Montana. 
  • Daily equipment inspections and written logs.
  • Completed written reports detailing services rendered, signs and symptoms, and changes in condition.
  • Provided an oral report to relieving crew members at shift change.

 1996-2004      Bigfork QRU/Ambulance                 Bigfork, MT
        Emergency Medical Technician (Volunteer)
  • On weekly call schedules to respond to medical emergencies in the greater Bigfork area.
  • Maintained equipment inventories and serviced equipment as needed.
  • Transported patients to KRMC or the ALERT helicopter depending on severity of sickness or injury.
  • Completed written run reports for each patient contact.
  • Attended regular training to be evaluated and maintain proficiency.

1996-2000      Ferndale Fire Dept.                         Bigfork, MT
        Firefighter/ Asst. Chief/ Chief (Volunteer)
  • On call for fighting residential and commercial fires, responding to motor vehicle accidents, and supporting other emergency service organizations as needed.
  • Routine training in classroom and practical application settings.
  • Responsible for vehicle maintenance and equipment accountability.
  • Monitored the performance and capability of firefighters and made deployment decisions based on available resources and circumstances.
  • Completed written reports.

1995-1996      Mule Shoe Outfitters       Glacier National Park
  • Worked with five other wranglers to lead horseback excursion into the interior of the park’s trail systems on rides lasting between one hour and all day.
  • Cared for approximately fifty head of horses including shoeing, vaccinations, and medical care.
  • Maintained several trail systems during the season and cleared them in the spring using a shovel, chainsaw, and Pulaski.
  • Led a pack train hauling supplies to the chalets or gravel for the trail systems.
  • Discovered my passion for working with people and being outdoors.
  •  Promoted to barn manager.

Law Enforcement Response to WMD Incidents (Instructor)  11/99
Reid Method of Criminal Interviews and Interrogation 5/00
Montana Highway Patrol 38th Recruit Academy (MLEA) 7/00
School Resource Officer  8/01
Forensic Interview Training  11/01
Flying Armed  1/02
HGN: From Anatomy to Prosecution 3/03
Field Training Officer  4/03
Drug Law Enforcement School - FLETC  6/03
Officer Survival  11/03
Ops: Swift Water First Responder  5/04
Basic Special Weapons and Tactics  5/04
NIMS/ICS Awareness  11/04
Advanced Observer/Marksman  4/05
Managing Land Search Operations 7/05
Advanced Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation  3/06
Passenger Train Emergency Response  1/07
Tactical Communication – Verbal Judo  2/07
Managing Land Search Operations  4/07
Basic Observer/Sniper – FBI  6/07
Street Survival Seminar – Calibre Press 1/08
Mountain Travel and Rescue  1/08
Law Enforcement Mountain Operations School – IBET  1/08
Joel Hardin Professional Man Tracking Course 4/08
Dive Rescue International Public Safety Diver 5/08
Sergeants Academy 5/09
FLETC Survival Shooting  9/09
Basic and Advanced Coroner
Bell Helicopter 407 Transition
Bell Helicopter 429 Transition
MD Helicopter 500 Transition
MD Helicopter 530 Transition
Mountain Flying
External Load Flying Course

Private Pilot – Single Engine Land
Commercial Pilot – Rotorcraft
Certified Peace Officer (Basic, Advanced, and Supervisory)
Emergency Medical Technician
Public Safety Diver / Dive Master

Academic Achievement Award (Law Enforcement Academy) 
Meritorious Unit Commendation (Dive Team Commander)                 
Life Saving Medal (Search and Rescue Coordinator)