I Believe...

My love for God, possibility, and living inspires my personal growth, goals, and vision. 

Protecting the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness inspires my commitment to public service. 

My oath to uphold the Montana and US Constitutions defines my parameters for public service. 

A lawful society is only as lawful as its trust in the institutions created to protect them. 

Change is inevitable but whether it happens to us or for us is determined by our willingness to anticipate and prepare for it. 

The sheriff is a conduit of communication, cooperation, and safety for community members, media outlets, our partners in the criminal justice system, and organizations benefiting our community.

And last, but not least, we are always better TOGETHER...

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Experience Matters...

 Domestic Terrorism and Emergency Management
Deputy Coroner
 I was appointed undersheriff for current Sheriff Chuck Curry at the age of 32. This experience has provided me the specific skills and knowledge for running the Sheriff's office.
Someone must think about the unthinkable and be ready to take action. I have been training for these scenerios my entire career and have managed large scale incidents. 
This public service unites a community. Compassion, leadership, and teamwork live in the hearts of firefighters.
Determining manner and cause of death is no small duty. My experience in emergency medicine sets me apart and uniquely qualifies me to be coroner. 

Beyond Skills...

I have a long history of public service experience as a deputy sheriff, firefighter, emergency medical technician, rescue diver, helicopter rescue specialist, search and rescue coordinator, and school resource officer. 
I am a dual-rated pilot, business owner, and have led start-up companies, was a CEO, builder, and more.  While these skills and experience uniquely define me, I believe it is my heart for the people and my drive to make a difference that sets me apart.
Believe in possibility
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TOGETHER, we can make our community a better place.